We all love a good story. It's the secret sauce for TED Talks, Pixar, and that Steve Jobs commencement speech we've all seen a hundred times. Whether you need someone to back your organization, invest in your idea, or get excited about following your lead, storytelling can position you to succeed.  

We provide three services to help you focus on what matters most and share it with the world.

One-on-One Coaching

Our coaching process is built on a decade of helping people give the talk of their lives. In it’s standard form, its a six to eight week process of meeting face to face with a coach, iterating drafts, and practicing in front of friends and colleagues.

Introduction to Storytelling Workshops

For groups of up to 25 people, we provide a three-hour introduction to storytelling workshop. Workshop includes a framework for telling a great story and applied learning where participants develop brief three to five minute stories.

Event production

For groups looking to engage and build their communities, we produce custom storytelling events. We can work alongside you to identify the event’s purpose, identity, and design its program. We will then work with you to curate the event and get all your speakers prepared, no matter their role, from emcees and moderators to keynotes.



Adam Burk + Co played a huge role in helping me clarify and organize my talking points for a speaking tour that followed the release of my first book. In just a few short sessions, Adam helped me bring forth my own true voice. I have since shared the story he helped me refine hundreds of times and I think of him pretty much every time I give my talk. I am a big fan of Adam’s and plan to use him again as I prepare to release my second book. There is an art to presenting a story and Adam knows the secrets!” - Kevin Hancock, CEO, Hancock Lumber

“Working with Adam Burk + Co was an incredible experience for me. They inspire trust and confidence immediately. They also made me feel comfortable trying new things, making mistakes, getting vulnerable, and ultimately, getting confident.” - Kate Snyder, Executive Director, Portland Education Foundation

“As someone who has served in political office and given hundreds of presentations, it was remarkably helpful to me to have an opportunity to work with Adam Burk + Co and have their coaching on a presentation I recently made. Their direction and comments helped me to see my appearance in a different light which I believe made my points more clear and succinct. Their analysis of what I was trying to say and his input made me a more effective presenter. Perhaps more importantly, the coaching they provided I will use in the future when I am called upon to present. The “new lens” that I have to review my presentations will be very helpful. Just when you think you know all you need to about giving speeches, someone like Adam Burk + Co comes along and teaches you to be more effective and convincing. Lucky to be never too old to learn.” - Chris Rector

“My sessions took my presentation skills from terrified to chill. I learned how to pace myself, to speak my truth conversationally, to be genuinely me on a stage. Now I’ve got that in my back pocket for life. Thanks!” - Keris Salmon

“Though I do a lot of public speaking and presenting, the Maine Live format was new for me and definitely outside of my personal comfort zone. Adam's experience, insight and encouragement as a speaker coach really helped me get comfortable with telling my story in a way that was both personal and authentic. I am grateful for the experience and to have benefited from his expertise and his understanding of how human beings connect on an emotional level.” - Fortunat Mueller, Principal, ReVision Energy