Design thinking is an ever expanding set of methods and mindsets for problem finding, framing, and solving. It is rooted in empathy, and keeps people at the center - always. It means less arguing assumptions and opinions and more actionable insights. It's about finding unnecessary pain and eliminating it. It's about finding joy and magnifying it. It's about people. Thriving. 

Design thinking is our rocket ship at Adam Burk + Co. It's how we move through the universe. Storytelling is our fuel. 

Want to work with people who are empathetic and action-orientated? That's us. Want new ways to see problems or find opportunities you didn't know where there? We'll help you. 

New to design thinking? Come to our monthly meet ups in Portland to try it out! 

Interested in bringing design thinking to your organization? Tell us more. We'd love to help you. 

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